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If Goats Could Talk They Would Say…

We will treat your business like one of our own.

Our founders have started and grown 7 businesses, that means we can stand in your shoes and help make the best decisions for your organization, whether or not that is the best thing for us does not matter.

Billy Goat Group was established by seasoned entrepreneurs in 2014 to help businesses of all sizes get to the top of their advertising game. We have a deep understanding of advertising strategies that can help your business flourish. We don’t think like typical ad agencies, we will do what is in your best interest, not ours.

Billy Goat Group Leadership

Brok McFerron

Brok McFerron


Brok is a Serial Entrepreneur having created several successful companies in Media, Real Estate and Home & Garden Products.

Brok has worked with hundreds of ad clients including: U.S. Army Recruiting, The Harlem Globetrotters, Cirque Du Soleil, United States Marines Recruiting, and many Colorado clients such as the Colorado Symphony, Colorado Department of Transportation, History Colorado, Colorado State Patrol, Denver Zoo, Loveland Ski Area and 200+ more fine organizations.

Prior to founding Billy Goat Group, Brok owned a real estate company developing and managing dozens of properties.  Brok is at home in all things engineering, data, numbers, and is still surprisingly creative. Before his real estate venture, Brok worked on Wall Street for Lehman Brothers back in 2002 which was his first job after earning a BS in Computer Science from MIT.

Scott Schroeder

Scott Schroeder

Head of Business Development

Scott is great at relationships, first and foremost. He has a decade of experience helping clients and building lasting partnerships. Scott loves helping state agencies, media buyers, and individual businesses and his client list includes the US Army, US Marine Corps, The Harlem Globetrotters, Cirque Du Soleil, US Coast Guard, Colorado Department of Transportation, CO Symphony, Colorado Public Health Department, Monarch Mountain, Saratoga Casino, Earthwise Pet, and tons of solid local businesses. He will give you sound advice on strategy, and keeps a strong line of communication in case you need to review campaign reports as well as make changes to your campaign.

A Chicago native with midwestern hospitality, Scott is equipped with an MBA, international marketing experience, and even followed his dreams of starting a professional basketball team in Scotland before grounding his roots in Denver, CO where he has been thriving for the last 7 years. You might also hear about his adventures in DJing at regional festivals.

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